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Bitcoin Price Extends Consolidation and Might Soon Gear For Fresh Lift-off

03/27/2023 2:19:11 AM

Bitcoin price is still consolidating above the $27,000 support. BTC could start a fresh surge if there is a successful move above the $28,150 resistance. Bitcoin is moving higher above the $27,500 resistance. The price is trading above $27,500 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is a…

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Euler (EUL) Up 25% As Hacker Returns 51,000 ETH From Stolen Loot

03/26/2023 10:54:29 AM

EUL, the native token of the DeFi lending protocol Euler Finance, is currently experiencing an impressive price rally driven mainly by news of the protocol recovering some of the stolen funds from the $200 million hack that occurred earlier this month.  EUL Gains 25% In 24 Hours According to data…

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MakerDAO Maintains Trust In USDC Despite Depeg Debacle

03/26/2023 4:15:02 AM

MakerDAO, the governance community of the popular DeFi lending platform Maker, has decided to keep using USD coin (USDC) as the primary reserve asset for the DAI stablecoin.  Although USDC experienced a temporary depeg earlier this month, an overwhelming majority of the MakerDAO have chosen to…

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Bitcoin Price Action Mirrors Q1 2021, Volatility Ahead?

03/24/2023 10:00:32 PM

The surge of the largest cryptocurrency in the market, Bitcoin (BTC), has caught the attention of investors and analysts, with many drawing parallels to BTC’s performance in Q1 2021. While the similarities are striking, some experts caution against assuming that history may repeat itself. …

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