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Certain supplies should be available in the car

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Certain supplies should be available in the car

Postby chitianshi520 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:08 am

A golf strength training workout routine may sound grueling and also time-consuming...but it doesn't need to be! I don't want you to feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting a program of this nature.

No Gym

You may think you need to join a gym to begin your routine but you don't. In fact...that could be the worse thing you do! The reason being a gym is full of machines. Machines typically have you sitting down. Machines also isolate usually one muscles group at a time...and in a controlled motion.

None of the above statements support improving your golf swing. Your golf swing is "on your feet" Ola Toivonen Sverige Tröja , using multiple muscles in a certain sequence of motion, while controlling your body in space. Machines accomplish none of this!

Minimal Equipment

So if you don't need a gym...what do you need to get started on your new program? I can tell you emphatically I designed all my golf training dvds, manual and online golf training membership sites to incorporate minimal and very affordable equipment.

In fact Ken Sema Sverige Tröja , you can set up your entire golf fitness home gym for under $100 dollars! All you need is a stability ball, exercise tubing, hand weights and maybe a weighted medicine ball. No less!

Simple Golf Exercises

Golf exercises can be very simple and easy...or you can make them very challenging and hard. The easiest way to get started is to break up the golf swing into phases. Take each phase and use either your hand weights Pontus Jansson Sverige Tröja , tubing or medicine ball to complete this phase of the swing.

I have come up with literally hundreds of simple and effective exercises that have helped golfers add up to 30 yards on their drives and completely eliminate back pain and injuries.

Golf Training Workouts - Strength & Flexibility

Your golf workouts should be 5050 in regards to strength and flexibility. If you put too much emphasis on flexibility, you'll have loose, but very weak muscles that are susceptible to injury. If you put a higher priority on strength Viktor Claesson Sverige Tröja , you will most likely lose some range of motion, which will rob you of power and distance.

For every exercise, you should do a stretch for that particular movement or muscle group. That way you get the best of both worlds. You not only become a stronger golfer Johan Larsson Sverige Tröja , but one with a higher level of golf-specific flexibility.

Core Golf Strength - Rotational Exercises

If you are short on time, but want to get the most "bang for your buck", focus on your core golf strength from a rotational standpoint. The golf swing is a "rotate back" and "rotate through". That's as simple as you can use your "in home" golf fitness equipment with rotation and you're set!

Don't put it off!

Now that you have a better understanding of how easy this type of routine can be implemented..."get it going!" Don't wait til tomorrow! Do something right now! I'm serious. Get out of your chair and rotate back and forth holding your club. It will feel SO good!

In no time at'll be an expert with your golf strength training workout routine.
Author's Resource Box

Mike Pedersen is an internationally known golf performance expert. He is Golf Magazines Golf Performance Expert; as well as GolfIllustrateds. He is the founder of the top golf fitness training site on the net at Golf-Trainer.

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