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Download video and mp3 from youtube

Postby Borgios » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:21 pm

<a href="">Kids Can't Hear This Sound (Can You?) - YouTube</a><br />Enter $250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway: *TURN NOTIFICATIONS ON* Subscribe for more Exility videos! - Kids Cant Hear This Sound (Can You?)<br /><a href="">A Day Through a Deaf Person's Eyes - YouTube</a><br />~directed by Rachel Soudakoff~ ... Ar40G0MZFw A glimpse of some of the different aspects of daily life for a Deaf p...<br /><a href="">7 year old tells you what comes after a billion, a trillion and so on - YouTube</a><br />My 7 year old boy Ryan is fascinated with large numbers however, he wasn't satisfied when he asked me what comes after a trillion and I didn't have an answer...<br /><a href="">How Much Is One Trillion Dollars? - YouTube</a><br />It's hard for many of us to grasp the concept one million dollars, let alone one billion, one trillion or even the amount of our current debt - SIXTEEN TRILL...<br /><a href="">Transcendental Darts - YouTube</a><br />Exactly 0% of numbers are rational.<br /><a href="">You can't count to a Billion - YouTube</a><br />Jonathan talks about the impossible nature of counting out loud to 1,000,000,000 and fails to catch an Abra... again. What's one thing on your bucket list? G...<br /><a href="">9.999... reasons that .999... = 1 - YouTube</a><br />Point Nine Repeating Equals One! 9.999... reasons in 9.999... minutes. Bonus points if you can name all 9.999... lords a-leaping. Dear YouTube, wouldn't it b...<br /><a href="">Million Dollar Question WRONG! - Who Wants to be a Millionaire - YouTube</a><br />Ken Basin lost a lot of money on the final night of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire 10th Anniversary Celebration.<br /><a href="">Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots - YouTube</a><br />Anti-parabola propoganda, plus musing on math class, cardioids, connect the dots, envelopes of lines, even a bit of origami. Another way to get a cardioid is...<br /><a href="">Why Don't Any Animals Have Wheels? - YouTube</a><br />LINKS TO LEARN: VSAUCE SHIRTS: music by http://www... /><a href="">Counting To 1 Million But It Gets Faster - YouTube</a><br />Counting to 1,000,000 (with the help of a text to speech program), but it gets 10% faster every 10 numbers. I include clips of things that go faster and fast...<br /><a href="">FUNNIEST SPELLING BEE MOMENTS!! - YouTube</a><br />THANKS FOR WATCHING!!<br /><a href="">??? Logarithms... How? (mathbff) - YouTube</a><br />MIT grad introduces logs and shows how to evaluate them. More videos with Nancy coming in 2017! To skip ahead: 1) For how to understand and evaluate BASIC LO...<br /><a href="">Guns in Space - YouTube</a><br />There's more over on MinutePhysics' channel RIGHT HERE: Follow Michael Stevens: I'm...<br /><a href="">How To Count Past Infinity - YouTube</a><br />my twitter: @tweetsauce my instagram: electricpants Sources and links to learn more below! I’m very grateful to mathematician Hugh Woodin, Professor of Philo...<br /><a href="">Rhapsody on the Proof of Pi = 4 - YouTube</a><br />Correction: when I mark where pi is on the graph, I meant pi/2! Note: If this video were supposed to be teaching you, I'd probably have to make it boring and...<br /><a href="">Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, and Singular Number - YouTube</a><br />What other amazing properties of Wau can you think of? Leave them in the comments. My personal website, which you might like:<br /><a href="">Counting to 210 in One Breath - (former) World Record! - YouTube</a><br />Since my last video I found a video of a guy counting to 200. Well, here goes. Update, no longer the world record.<br /><a href="">Why Do We Wear Clothes? - YouTube</a><br />CLICK HERE to follow us to Vsauce2 -- Intro cameo by my 1 tru luv Hannah Hart: SOURCES: history of clothing: http:/...<br /><a href="">Vi Hart, Mathemusician - XOXO Festival (2013) - YouTube</a><br />Using little more than a Sharpie and a sheet of paper, Vi Hart breaks down topics like Fibonacci sequences, binary trees and hexaflexagons, turning doodling ...<br />
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