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Postby germanicvs » Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:51 am

New PTP,
Earn 0,57€/1000 PTP views
HERE be paid to promote a link, 1 pts per view ip/24h
Earn 0.5 pts every 30 sec on the PTC
Payout only 1.00 euro!
Over 3.00 is available in the PTS section!
Be part of our famous PTC contest and have your chances to win! 1.00 euro and 3000 clics on the
paid to clic section to distribute every month!
CPM section distribute 0.05 points every 60 sec
Get 100 pts registering bonus!
Get 10% as refering bonus

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PTP si paying
I was paid to 24 hours from payment request. best to promote in jetswap and websurf

Payment proof here:
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