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Postby DeTailes » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:04 am

Sea-games is the surfbar (cashbar).

Surfbar download here - SeaGames - Your Account - The Seabar; there is the informations about the Seabar and the download program.

If you downlaod The Seabar and login into, here is the mathematical example, either FOIS (5x5=25) or PLUS (5+5=10).

One minute on the Seabar is 0.30 Shells. (With VIP it increase)

Conversation and payout
On the 1th of month will conversion Shells to Gold Coins.

10 000 Shells is approximately 1,1 Gold Coin.

You can buy any codes for next sites, or payout (15€ min.)

Payout or codes are here: Home - Shops - There are codes, or money.

Paid clicks and bonus
There are paid clicks too. Top on site is envelope - its messages and next to envelope on left side is paid clicks (There are any number, example: 3)

On Seabar are often a SeaBonus, click on it and win Shells, Ocean points, and Mystery ticket (Ticket, where you may win very prizes)

There are Daily, Weekly and Monthly contests.

Ocean contest, Referal Contest, Promotion contest etc.

Every day and month in Ocean or Sea-ice contest the people with the most points win any Shells or Tickets.

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