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Postby Kasmat » Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:08 pm


Rotate multiple links with 1 url and sell unwanted traffic, split by country or region.

For example: you post a link to a website which is for UK residents only, however you probably get a lot of views/clicks from people that do not live within the UK, with the geo rotator you can make a link that will send UK residents to the website, and non UK residents to a different site of your choosing.
Alternatively you can send the UK residents to the site you are linking and all none UK traffic can be sold.

Another example is that you might have affiliate links for a number of countries or regions but not for others. So use a rotator to send people from different countries to the correct affiliate link without having to list all of them on your ad.

Minimum payout $25 via PayPal

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