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Web services that provides short aliases for redirection of long URLs. You are paid to promote these short links.


Postby k1890 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:38 pm is a free URL shorter site which gives money when every visitor visits our shortened URLs.We can earn up to 1.00$/1000 views. It is site which made money for each page views. Earnings will depend on traffic, regions etc. It contains many tools like Mass shrinker, Bookmark-let, Google analytic, Full page script, Website entry script, Export links and stats.

Working of

First we copy-paste to our URL to URL shorten tool. Click on “Shrink" button. It reduces the size of URL to minimum. We can also use domains like ","etc. We can also select type of adverting .

They are,

1. Interstitial Advert: This type contains text ads which get more money per page views.
2. Framed advert: This type contains banner which get less money per page views, but it is more attract visitor’s chances to get more page views.
3. No advert: This type contains no ads and no money can make with it. This type enables it to act like a normal URL shortening tool.


Mass shrinker: Mass shrinker is an important tool which saves time, when you have to shorten more than one URL. By using this tool we can also select the type of ads such as Interstitial, framed banner or no advert.

Bookmark-let: Bookmark-let enables URL shorten tool without entering the This tool is working on all browsers’ tool bar. You can simply drag this tool to browser's tool bar.

Google Analytics: Google analytics is a tool which used to track your page views. It tracks source of page views, number of unique views, referral views, country etc.

Full page script: Full page script is a script program which cans copy-paste to your website. If you have a website contains more links, by using full page script you can convert all links to short URL.

Website entry script: Simply copy the script program to your website, which can earn money when a visitor enters your site. This script is just copy-paste to your webpage or blog before </body> tag.

Export links and stats: By using export links and stats we can download your account details, which can be opened in Microsoft excel or other spreadsheets programs.

Promotion of Shortened URLs

Submit the shortened URLs to twitter, forums, facebook, instagram, personal websites and any social networks sites. It gets a lot of traffic with these sites and you can earn more money.


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