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Linkshrink - the highest payer, any content allowed

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Linkshrink - the highest payer, any content allowed

Postby Dr.Money » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:40 am


If you decide to join, please do so via my link:


Here I will teach you how I make a steady income a month only by sharing links online.

How you earn with linkshrink, taken from their website:

"We provide shrinked links and we will turn your links into earning ones by adding an intermediate page with advertisements. Grab your shrinked links and share them on the internet. Each visitor that is redirected to the destination page will bring you money!"

Why do I recommend LinkShrink?

Because they have the highest rates, and most links you send traffic to will be allowed; whether it's download links or adult. First off take a look at their country rates from their website:

Most paying link shorteners present these kind of rates or higher, but in reality they never pay you this high. I have experience with,, adfly,, Linkbucks and more.
Take a look at what I earned from in september:


Almost 2$ for 1,000 views(normally it is 2.1, 2.2),
this is the best rate I got from all the URL shortners I listed above. You can actually get better rates if your traffic come from rich countries, mine is something in the sorts of: 40% europe 50% usa 10% rest of world
so it's not the highest I can get, but still very high.

What content can I link to?

as I said, everything unless it is something really illegal like underage stuff, terror etc.

How do they pay?

from their website:

"We can pay you via Paypal, Payza or Bitcoin. Your account balance must be at least $5.00 for you to be able to request your payment. For Bitcoin payments, your account balance must be at least $15.00"

Where do you post your content and earn money?

personally, I post my content in a blog(adult) and in some forums. The thing is, you can post it anywhere, except in facebook for example; for facebook you'll probably need to use a shortner, for example to link to your linkshrink links in order not to get flagged as spam on facebook. just find an adult forum and post there, easy money guaranteed!

Conclude please:

What more can I say? good way to earn a side income; relative high-rates, very liberal, low minimum pay-out, bitcoin supported... feel free to ask me anything.

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