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Postby Kasmat » Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:27 pm

Coin Legends

An RPG - that rewards satoshi(bitcoin), as you level up your hero and fight higher level battles you earn more and more satoshi.

Withdrawel minimum 10,000 satoshi.

Refer friends and earn a % of what your referral earn in battle.
1-25 referrals +2%
25-50 referrals +5%
50-100 referrals +8%
100+ referrals +10%

After registering, you start with 9 skill points and can choose your Heroes Stats. Your skill points can be reset for a fee but is free the first time. Each time you level up you gain 4 more skill points.

Health Points
Magicka Points

With your Skill Points chosen you can choose a class. Your class gives bonus stats and is changeable later but costs satoshi to select.

On your character page you can upgrade your Damage/Armor for small amounts of satoshi, starting at 138, and increasing with each purchase.

On the "Chest Page" you have a storage facility where your satoshi cannot be stolen, starting at 1125 capacity and upgradeable. Referral funds cannot be stolen.

Coin Legends
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