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CashPirate - earn more with installing applications

Postby Sinigrlast » Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:42 am


Today we will consider one of the best programs of mobile earnings with a smartphone or tablet on the Android operating system.

CashPirate - a program that implements an easy money earning with application installation, developed exclusively for Android. The withdrawal of earned money is available only on PayPal, mobile account (more than 200 countries are supported), Facebook Gift Card and Prepaid Virtual Visa, and we will earn in cents (US dollars). Due to the peculiarities of the referral system and the dollar exchange rate, the program developed an internal currency - coins, where 10 coins = 1 cent. Soon you will understand everything. The program has a fairly user-friendly interface, so do not worry, you can easily understand it.

So, in the application for mobile earnings CashPirate I have quite a lot of experience, since I managed to earn there 52.50$, which is 21 minimum payments on Paypal (at 2.50$). See the screen.


Installing of CashPirate

Go to the Play Market from Google and write in the search: cashpirate or go to

The application has over 1 million unique installations on the Google Play Market. Users from all over the world install CashPirate and earn it not very big, but the real money.

Install the application with the same name (CashPirate - Make & Earn Money). Developer - ayeT-Studios

Run the program. Registration is very simple, you need to specify your email and come up with a password. To avoid problems, try to include in the password numbers, small and large letters of the English alphabet.

Attention. Then ask for the code to get bonus 500 coins. Yes that's right. You will receive a bonus of 50 cents. But more about this, I'll talk further. Enter the code THEZYI

Maybe when you finish the registration, an error will appear. It's enough to restart the program and you can enter with your login and password.

Done. You can start earning, you do not need to make any settings. Now more about the starting bonus.

Start bonus

When registering in the program, enter the code THEZYI and get a bonus of 500 coins! Developers do not mind that you advertise your promotional code in any way. They do not forbid him to advertise in a recall about Cashpirate, on YouTube, sites, blogs and so on, but against that you advertise your code in reviews of other applications of the market. Anyway, you can post it wherever you want.

What does the ref code give? The one whose code is entered will always receive referral deductions from the person who entered the code. What bonus does someone get who will enter the ref code? Answer. You get an opportunity to increase the payment for assignments at the initial stage. You will be allocated 500 coins = 50 cents, which will be added to the price of the tasks.

Example. Suppose, payment for the task costs 60 coins, but at first after the code is entered the installation reward will be overstated (due to the bonus reserve) and you will see a payment of 90 coins. After completing the task you will receive 60 coins and 30 will come from the bonus reserve (500 coins). This will continue until you receive a full bonus of 500 coins. That is, you have the opportunity to earn additional 50 cents, which significantly shortens the time for the minimum payment set for Paypal - 2.50$.

Unfortunately, if you do not enter the code when registering, you will lose the opportunity to get a bonus of 50 cents.

Consider the price for the tasks and the minimum amount for the withdrawal.

Basic types of tasks

    Install and open the application (usually a reward of 50-60 coins, less often 100 and more)
    Install and open, do not delete three days (usually 100 coins)

The amount of reward may vary depending on the country.

About tasks, not to delete three days - it is easily tracked. When we are in the CashPirate program, click on the pirate icon at the top, then select My Account - History. We see the date, the name CashP. (3d) and an hourglass opposite. After three days, the hourglass will be replaced by a green tick and payment will be credited to your balance. Here are examples of my payments for the last few days.


Minimum amounts of payments for Global

    PayPal - 2500 coins (2,50$)
    Mobile Recharge (Crediting to the mobile account) - 1800 coins (1,80$)
    Facebook Gift Card - 5000 coins (5$)
    Prepaid Virtual Visa - 4750 coins (5$)

Usually, the payment takes no longer than an hour.

The screenshots gallery shows all available output methods at the moment for global. Methods of withdrawal may vary depending on the country.


The main advantages of earnings in Cashpirate - a lot of tasks, earnings in the dollar and the lack of commission for withdrawal (except for the withdrawal to the mobile account). Consider the first launch of Cashpirate and with what you need to start your earnings with installations.

Start page of CashPirate - Overview


Balance is your balance. Your earned coins.

Pending - coins, which you will receive after checking the completion of the task - your or the referral. For example, when you start the "Install and do not delete three days" task, coins these three days will hang in Pending and only after three days will be credited to Balance if you did not delete the application before this time.

Show Offers or Show All Offers - here are orders from Cashpirate and partners. Pirate Picks are orders exclusively from Cashpirate!

Referrals - the number of your referrals.

Invite Friends - click and see your referral code.

About partnering tasks - SponsorPay, TrialPay, AdColony. There are three partners whose tasks you can perform and earn too. But it happens that the partner does not pay for the task and must write to him in support to get the money. The best partner is SponsorPay. Although not always counts the task, but when you apply to it, 100% get paid for the task. Provide a screenshot of the downloaded program, so that the partner without any doubts gave you a well-deserved reward (after contacting a partner, you will receive a letter to your e-mail address, reply to the letter, attach a screenshot of the program in the reply). Partner AdColony - only watching videos.

I recommend that you focus on orders in the Pirate Picks section. 100% payment in all cases.

Cashpirate menu

On the main page of the program, click on the pirate icon at the top. The program menu opens before you.

Earn coins - go to the tasks.

Redeem Coins - here we can choose the method of payment and order the withdrawal of funds.

Referrals - detailed statistics about your referrals.

MyAccount - all our statistics on earnings and withdrawal of funds are stored here.

Take an order of application installing
To start the installation order, just click on the Install & Run button in the order.

If the order is available, you will go to the market or open the task page in the browser. If the limit of orders has been exhausted, you will see a pop-up message that instantly disappears and the transition to the browser or market will not happen.

Examples of orders.


Earn more

There is a two-level referral system in the Cashpirate application. I will tell you that this is probably one of the most significant advantages of this program over others.

Referral system. Two-level referral system. Level 1 - 10% and Level 2 - 5%. This means that you will receive 10% of the earnings for everyone have been invited by you and 5% of the earnings of everyone who has been invited by your referral. Referral deductions you get always!

Invite friends, acquaintances and just people to install Cashpirate and enter your referral code, and you will earn much more than when you did it yourself.


    Take for the rule - paid the application, then you can delete. Payment for orders Pirate Picks can be delayed up to two hours, but always comes!
    Do not use VPN programs - for this, the account ban is possible.
    Visit more often in Pirate Picks and catch more orders. Remember, earnings directly depend on the frequency of visiting the Pirate Picks section.
    Your invitation code can be viewed at the bottom of the main program window by clicking "Invite Friends".

My method of obtaining tasks

Often, many people simply do not know how to earn money in such applications. They come once in the orders section several times a day, do not see orders, they are disappointed and delete the application.

How I do it.

I try to go back and forth in the menu, thereby updating the Pirate Picks tab, because there are no update buttons in the program. So I do continuously 2-3 minutes and catch orders for installing applications. I perform a lot of such visits a day and earn. I think this advice will certainly be useful for you!

Sometimes, because of such an intensive transition to the tabs of the program is a failure. Do not worry, after a few minutes the program works again in the previous mode.


Cashpirate is a decent program for earning money on installing Android-based applications. Honest earnings, honest payouts. More than a million unique downloads in the Google market. The average rating is 4.5 stars. Two-level referral program. I recommend this application for earnings to all who need work.
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CashPirate earn more with installing applications

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