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Utopya.Online - Paying since September 2016

Postby fetch » Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:26 pm

Utopia Online
Utopia Online is a game where you can make money by playing the game. The site has been active and paying its members in Turkey since September 2016 .They started to grow in russia too . Their purpose is to grow all over the world. Today ,they announced that they translated the page to English too.

-Purpose of the game: Buying cows and selling milk to make money

How to Play the game: When you register you'll get a 'Saf' cow and it automatically starts making milk .You can then sell the milk and get UT in return. At the beginning you should focus on buying more cows so your stabilized earning value will be high . You should set a goal of the that you want to earn in a day and continue on buying cows until you reach your goal. Without an investment first 2-3 months you will be working hard to get more and more cows but after you reach your goal you wont need to do anything, just visit the site once in a month sell your milk and withdraw your money . 100 liters of milk = 1 UT(game currency)

-The 'Saf' cow makes 10 liters of milk in an hour.

-There is no 'lifetime' of cows or 'storage'. So your earnings will always continue even if you don't even visit the site once in a month

Growing your account without investment will be challenging at first so you should get the bonuses as much as you can to grow your farm faster .
Every 2 hours you can get the bonus and it gives 5 to 40 UT by random. So you can get another 'Saf' cow every day by this method .
Every time you buy a cow the time that you can get another one will decrease because your your production will be higher .
Of course if you invest on this site you will fast forward this steps and will be buying better cows faster.

The cost of the cows are as follows:
'Saf' : 100 UT
'Sarı' : 1150 UT
'Şaşkın' : 5k UT
'Çıkarcı' : 25k UT
'Sinirli' : 100k UT
'Domdom': 145k UT
The production of the cows also increases as you level up .
Leveling up requires references .You can pay a fee to level up as well.

Leveling up requirements

Level 1 → 2 : 30 references or 100₺ (~27$)
Level 1 → 3 : 60 refs or 400₺ (~110$)
Level 1 → 4 : 120 refs or 1000₺ (~275$)
Level 2 → 3 : 30 refs or 300₺ (~80$)
Level 2 → 4 : 90 refs or 900₺ (~240$)
Level 3 → 4 : 60 refs or 600₺ (~160$)

References also grants you %5 of what they make

Productions according to level

You can top-up your account by buying UT ; 100k UT is 275₺ (~75$)

You can change UT to TL ; 4k UT = 1TL(~0.28$) is the current exchange rate

Once you reach 5 TL(~1.3$) you can withdraw your money to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Click here to register and start earning :

Sorry for my English , Its not my mother language.
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