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Goldsmuggler -Got payment in BTC

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Goldsmuggler -Got payment in BTC

Postby kayrol » Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:52 pm

hey all

this game is new. you can play for free and earn gold. Current currency is 1 gold equal $2.31. when you reach $10 usd, you can withdraw in BTC

Its simple and can be complex games. For me, ill just kill zombie, loot picklock and ammo. Picklock use to open chest that contain certain amount of gold. After finish, reset your position. the button is next to download at Home.

Other thing you can do is work. but its bit tricky coz it will nedd to consume an item such as food or item that give energy.

Next you can invest and open company to provide item for other player so you can get profit from that.

Feel free to try.

i play for a month and earn about $6 as a free player

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