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Postby Borgios » Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:43 pm

<a href="">?Que secretos esconde WINGS de BTS? - YouTube</a><br />?Alguna vez te has preguntado que secretos posee WINGS justo cuando los estas escuchando? ?O has dicho &quot;WTFFFFFF QUEJESTO&quot; cuando escuchas todo el album de W...<br /><a href="">BTS - Couple Moments/Sexual Tension - YouTube</a><br />PLEASE READ THIS DOWN BELOW! ?? - This video is a REPLOAD from CHULIE's Channel. Thanks for read this. Enjoy - CHULIE CHANNEL ?? /><a href="">[ENG SUB] BTS wants SUGA to cry | JIMIN calls out fans who left early to stay to the end - YouTube</a><br />BTS on stage HYYH Epilogue [PART 1] Playlist: ... 89vRc_gm6H BTS members: RAP MONSTER: Main Rapper,...<br /><a href="">[ENG SUB] Drunk SUGA in action | BTS members arguing over gear shift level - YouTube</a><br />BTS HYYH Prologue Making Story [PART 6] Playlist: ... uwVeMj5aTz BTS members: RAP MONSTER: Main Rap...<br /><a href="">BTS SPRING DAY THEORY | No vacancy,Taehyung's death,Jimin the trapped child. | - YouTube</a><br />!!!I DO NOT OWN THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS.NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! *DO NOT REUPLOAD* ~please read~ yo yo yo didn't expect any more theory videos from ...<br /><a href="">BTS WINGS THEORY | [Boy Meets What,The painting,Jungkook and Yoongi] - YouTube</a><br />!!!I DO NOT OWN THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS.NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! *DO NOT REUPLOAD* ~please read~ So i tried to make a Theory video off of the ''BTS ...<br /><a href="">[ENG] BTS FULL STORY (HYYH, Wings, Love Yourself Highlight Reels) - YouTube</a><br />this is a compilation of all the videos in order. also i know i need u japanese ver. came out after run but the video itself fits better before run mv. the r...<br /><a href="">BTS Try Not To Laugh Challenge! - YouTube</a><br />Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed also don't forget to subscribe and like ;D My twitter:<br /><a href="">BTS &quot;I NEED U + PROLOGUE + RUN&quot; all the scenes in chronological order [PT-BR sub] - YouTube</a><br />Okay, all images are of videos &quot; I NEED U ORIGINAL&quot; , &quot; PROLOGUE &quot; and &quot; RUN&quot; . I did not want to use other Japanese mvs images, for example, because it woul...<br /><a href="">[ENG] Flower Boys Bangtan High School mini drama cut - YouTube</a><br />Credit subs: PeachiSoda STAR SHOW 360 BTS MINI DRAMA V- class president Suga- Music teacher Jhope- Korean Language teacher Jin- Nurse School RM- English teac...<br /><a href="">[ENG SUB] JUNGKOOK gets pranked by BTS | RAP MONSTER also gets a suprise - YouTube</a><br />BTS in Japan [PART 11] Playlist: ... Nx85LcH5K_ Not my subs, credit to the right owner. BTS members...<br /><a href="">[FULL/ENG SUB] BTS Trilogy - HYYH Movie (Short Film) - YouTube</a><br />COMPLETE Ver. : SHORT FILM - HYYH I've spent thinking about this for months ever since their release of the trilogies and also c...<br /><a href="">[ENG SUB] BTS JIMIN cried after winning first place on Mnet Countdown - YouTube</a><br />Original video: BTS members: RAP MONSTER: Main Rapper, Leader JIN: Vocalist, Visual SUGA: Lead Rapper J-HOPE: Lead Rap...<br /><a href="">Bts expectation vs reality #1 - YouTube</a><br />В¦ Song used in this video: Bts - 21st century girls В¦ Videos and song list: - - - В¦ Find me on: Twitter: Instagram: https://... /><a href="">The identity of the Girl in Jungkook's Story is Finally Revealed BTS LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel - YouTube</a><br />В¦ credit to the rightful owners as tagged in the video В¦ Here's The identity of the Actresses in BTS LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel : /><a href="">[ENG SUB] [Episode] BTS @ 2016 MAMA - YouTube</a><br />This episode made me so happy and I am so proud of them Thank you for watching SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER: 2ND CHANNEL: http://www... /><a href="">K-POP FANS VS NORMAL PEOPLE 4 - YouTube</a><br />THE SERIES IS BACK. Fangirl/fanboy and chat with me on BTS Amino this weekend! Follow me on all my social media! Instagram: ht...<br /><a href="">This Idol Shockingly Reveals How Idols Buy Condoms - YouTube</a><br />This Idol Shockingly Reveals How Idols Buy Condoms. Believe it or not, G.O handle it quite well and answered quite honestly. He revealed his personal method ...<br /><a href="">[ENG] 170815 BTS Singapore Quiz at Music Bank in Singapore - YouTube</a><br /><br /><a href="">[ENG SUB] Full HD House of ARMY - BTS 3rd Muster DVD - YouTube</a><br />DO NOT REUPLOAD! I DO NOT OWN THE VIDEO! Cr video: BTS x ARMY news More languages coming soon! Subscribe, like &amp; leave a comment!<br />
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