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!!EarnForum Rules!! - Read

EarnForum rules and other necessary orders for the smooth site running

!!EarnForum Rules!! - Read

Postby amatevry » Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:50 am

You must understand to accepting all following conditions, before joining our EarnForum community!...

The Main 3 Rules:
:arrow: 1.Each member is responsible for his own contributions! - Administrator of site is absolutely NOT responsible for any damage or negative interactions caused by forum using.
:arrow: 2. Administrator of site reserves the rights to Edit, Add or Delete any forum rule at anytime with no restrictions.
:arrow: 3. It is strictly required for every member to join an existing program through referral link included in the related topic - Read More: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=2

Posting Rules:
-No personal blogs/forums ( :arrow: only signatures)
-ONLY one program per topic is allowed
-You can add referral link ONLY in the first (main) post of a related topic created by yourself!
-It is prohibited to post ref. link to another place. (not include Signatures)
-Before adding any topic, please USE SEARCH to avoid duplications!
-It is prohibited to create a "poor topic" - Please try to find as much info about what you are writing about (for example click here)
-Only English language is allowed
-Title of the topic must be in this format: "" - (not includes Discussion, Help or MarketPlace forums) - Classic TalkGold Format also accepted "AnyWebsite -"
-If you find out any Scam website, please rewrite topic title to " - SCAM" and It will be moved to the right forum
Scam Website Example: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=90
Important :!: : If you are inactive or you have not visited our forum in a long term, there is a possibility to replace your own topic (with any active user's ref. link)

Signature Rules:
-It is allowed to have a maximum of 4 lines of text in the signature
-It is allowed to have a maximum of 1 image in the signature (max. Size allowed is 468x100)
-It is allowed to have a referral links in the signature

:arrow: Warning: No adult, warez or any illegal content at!! This can cause to a permanent ban.

Violation of any rule will be reviewed, alternatively penalized! :idea:
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