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Adonly [Popunder, CPC network]

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Adonly [Popunder, CPC network]

Postby gidion » Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:09 am


AdOnly is a leading advertising platform that allows publishers and advertisers to reach the international market using outstanding technology combined with advanced targeting capabilities over display, mobile phone and inventory then monitoring, analyzing and improving results.

Founded by an experienced team in internet marketing, technology and business development. AdOnly’s proprietary technology uses multiple optimization methodologies to yield the highest ROI possibly for advertisers and highest profit for publishers.

Commission Type: CPM,CPC,Pop-up
Minimum Payment: $ 10
Payment Frequency: Request
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire, Payoneer, Payza

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Re: Adonly [Popunder, CPC network]

Postby amatevry » Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:44 am

here is one of my old proofs: Image

I think this program still paying. I have posted topic here times ago, but i have been banned for some bad traffic. So you can keep Your topic here :)
good luck gidion and always use real traffic ;)
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Adonly Popunder CPC network

Postby DJHedy » Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:10 am

you please explain in detail how we can earn from Social Network sites.then we think about this.
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Re: Adonly [Popunder, CPC network]

Postby amatevry » Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:06 am

This is not about social networks man. This is CPM Advertising network. If you have any website, you can add their banner codes on you pages, so you can earn by displaying their ads..
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Adonly Popunder CPC network

Postby Geraldbom » Thu Mar 17, 2016 5:35 pm

All major news networks has their biases but if I were to go with one network then my vote will be on BBC. They are so far impartial on most news items on the agenda.
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Adonly Popunder CPC network

Postby Therkn » Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:43 pm

I use Adsense and popunder ads to make money from my websites. What about you?

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