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Postby Admediatex » Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:10 pm

AdmediaTex CPM Ad Network Premium Official


We present you the best performance in visits and the best CPM profits for your web, forget about forced conversions and make your website viral and earn much more with AdMediaTex CPM.

AdmediaTex CPM is a set of adserver and advertising exchangers combined to combine a payment of (Cost per Impression) and obtain great results with the webmaster, if you have a web that is no longer profitable the CPA, we invite you to try Admediatex.


Payment Terms: NET30, NET15, NET7.
Processors: Paypal, BTC
Terms and Conditions: We accept Hitleap traffic, Social Network traffic, Incentive and non-Incentive traffic.

The minimum average of visits 1000 in portion is: 0.03 $ the best rates for GEOS first Tier, are of 0.12 $.

We have a support via skype and email:
Skype: live: iizoka
Skype: diego.admediatex
Skype: martha.admediatex
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