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Advertising Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune
We saw millions of internet users paying hundreds of dollars to advertise their small websites and blogs via pay-per-click advertising. Not only where these sites spending all this money on advertising, but the results where typically lackluster. We felt there must be a better way.

An Advertising Network
At miloAds we developed an advertising network that allows users to advertise on each other’s websites for FREE. What started as just a few website developed into a rapidly growing network of websites that allow each other to advertise. As our network grows, so will our users ad exposure. On our network, users can create an ad that will be displayed on all the sites on all our clients’ websites. Users are then given an adscript that they will insert into their site to show ads from the miloAds network. Once this is all done, your ad will be published and will start receiving massive exposure! All for FREE!

The Highest Quality
Every day we work hard to insure you receive the highest quality advertising at the lowest cost. We work around the clock to constantly improve our service, our scripting code and to expand our user base. We do all this so that you can better advertise your website at a cost that we deem is fair and reasonable.

Don’t Want to Place Ads on Your Site?
If you do not want to place ads on your site, but still want to have access to our network, then we offer a premium subscription service that allows you to advertise on our network for a small monthly fee. The cost of membership to our network is much less than the cost of advertising with other advertising services.

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