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Postby clemo95 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:36 am

Hello, Everyone!!!

I am delighted to inform all and introduce my multi-coin rotator site named which was started my me a month ago for the ease of claiming for the users. This Rotator Site is designed in a way that -

:) You can have the view of list of faucets as per your preference, the list can be filtered as per the preferences of the user ( eg: based on time limit - by clicking the desired time limit from the given times 1 min, 5 min, 15 min etc. with just one click at any time ( 5 mins) will give you the list of all faucets with that time limit (5 mins) in a single window, then based on payment modes – by clicking on FHUB for faucet hub faucets, FS for faucet systems, XAPO for xapo faucets and so on,) The list also has a timer countdown so that the user will know when to claim 2nd time/again.

:) It also shows which faucet is having a threshold, popups, antibots, and claim amounts so you can adjust your claims according to your preference.

:) The site has multi-coin options on the top right-hand side as coin menus naming BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, BLK, DASH, PPC, XMR, XPM the has a drop down list where u will get the rotator option for each currency on their own drop down list. (eg: in BTC drop down you will find BTC rotator and in LTC drop down you will get LTC rotator and so on).

:) The main feature of the site is the rotator option which helps the user to claim from multiples faucets in a single window without opening multiple window tabs for every faucet.

:) By using this site you will be able to claim faster and earn faster than ever before. I hope all will find this site useful and worth using. If you like this site please use it and share with your friends and please do support my site.

:) The site will be constantly updated with new faucets so visit daily and stay tuned.

:) Now you can Register and log in to the site for building your own customised rotator other than the default one. Plus logging in will give an additional reward of getting random tips in faucet hub website.. so make sure you register with your faucet hub username.

:) If any Faucet Owners want to add their faucets on my site then reply to this post or you can also contact me in Faucet hub website. My username is www. Btcrolls .tk.
Faucet Owners can also purchase the premium spot for appearing on the first page and getting a promo in the promo (faucet of the day) page.

Thank you.
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