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Postby petra9 » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:44 pm

Daily Profit Always


*Earn 5% daily for 50 days (Total 250%)
*No sponsoring Requirements.
*You receive 1000 points per ad unit purchased (Right now is 2000 per ad unit purchased)
*You do not need to login or surf to earn.
*Fast and professional Customer Support
*DailyProfitAlways runs on a licensed script and powerful DDoS protected server.
*STP and LR are accepting, AP coming SOON.
*15% referral commission down in 2 levels with 10% for your level one referrals, 5% for your level 2

What Is The Re-purchase Balance?
DailyProfitAlways uses a 70/30 split re-invest plan. This means 30% of your withdrawals goes to your repurchase account that you may use to repurchase new ad units. The other 70% is withdrawable


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